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Tryphone Mutasingwa

Research Assistant

Tryphone holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, and he has over 4 years’ worth of experience supporting both qualitative and quantitative research related activities. He is highly skilled in conducting qualitative interviews, transcription and translation of data materials, quantitative data collection by using a tablet and quantitative data cleaning. Tryphone is also highly competent in field supervision and coordination.

Tryphone started working with CSK Research Solutions in 2019, and he is currently serving as a research assistant. Prior to joining CSK, he had participated in various research related activities under a number of organizations including UNICEF, ESRF, JPIEGO, FHI360, NBS and REA.

In his leisure time Tryphone enjoys swimming, driving, networking and joking around with friends, and last but not least he loves book reading.

Tryphone Mutasingwa
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