CSK Research Solutions was born out of Dr. Catherine Kahabuka's strong passion for improved health care delivery systems in Tanzania. While working as a young medical doctor in a rural district of Tanzania, she observed many system challenges inhibiting people's access to available life-saving interventions. This made her abandon her life-long ambition of becoming a pediatrician and instead pursue a PhD in health systems. Believing that research is a "vital part" of effective health programs, she invested in developing strong skills in research methods. Soon after completing her PhD, Dr. Kahabuka started working as an independent consultant for health systems research in Tanzania. For her first assignment, she provided leadership for the development of the” Tanzania National Family Planning Research Agenda 2013-2020”, where she worked closely with researchers from the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and program managers from the family planning unit of the Ministry of Health (MoH). The Research Agenda was launched at the National Family Planning Conference in Oct 2013, where she was awarded a” young scientist award” in recognition of her potential to make outstanding scientific contribution to the field of family planning and demonstrating potential for future scientific leadership.

To further contribute towards improved health care delivery systems through quality evidence, she together with Mr. Salum Mshamu founded CSK Research Solutions in 2014.

Dr. Kahabuka receiving a young scientist

Photo: Dr. Kahabuka receiving a young scientist award from the minister of health then Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi at the National Family Planning Conference (Oct, 2013)

Young Scientist Award_Dr. Catherine (JPG

Photo: Dr. Kahabuka's young scientist award (Oct, 2013)


To offer our clients with high quality research services that will enable them to make the best judgment possible for their programs.


To become a highly reputable research entity in providing high quality research services in Tanzania.


Message from the CEO & Founder

Dr. Catherine Kahabuka

Research is a vital part of effective programs. My team is highly dedicated to providing our clients with high quality research services to enable them make the best judgement possible for their programs. We achieve this by investing in thorough training of our field teams and ensuring proper planning, monitoring and supervision of our field activities. Also, we always strive to offer our research teams with a good working environment so that they can focus on their work and deliver best results for our clients . While working with us, we will ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Dr. Catherine Kahabuka (Founder, CEO & L