CSK offers various logistical support to research projects planned in Tanzania, including:
  • Supporting applications and securing of local approvals,
  • Advising on sites for study implementation,
  • Advising on and facilitating linkages to potential local collaborators,
  • Supporting study introductions to the local authorities and stakeholders
  • Assisting with study sites preparations, and
  • Organising for Evidence Dissemination Meetings etc.
Obtaining local IRB
The processes for obtaining permission to conduct research in Tanzania, involves, first of all, obtaining IRB approval from the national health research ethics committee (NatHREC) of the national institute for medical research (NIMR) in Tanzania. We will assist you with all the application processes for the local IRB, including; preparing all the needed documents, re-writing the project proposal in the required format, translating the study tools into the local language (Swahili), identifying local PI to partner with, following up for the support letters from the respective authorities, submitting all the necessary study materials, and following up with the review Board for the final IRB approval.
Identification of Local PI & Obtaining Support Letters
Among other requirements for obtaining local IRB approval by the NatHREC is that an applicant must also present a commitment/support letter from local PI based at a PUBLIC institution in Tanzania (this may be a training or research institution or departments of respective Government Ministries e.g. ministry of health for health research). CSK will assist you in identifying the most appropriate local PI from a public institution and follow up for the letter of support.
Research Permit
To be able to participate in field activities in Tanzania, all foreign researchers must obtain a research permit from the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH). CSK will assist you with all the application processes for obtaining the research permit.
Permission from Local Authorities
Under the decentralization policy and health sector reforms initiated in the 1990s in Tanzania, decision-making processes in health care services were devolved to the local authorities at district level. Hence, to be able to conduct research, permission must also be obtained from the regional and district authorities where the research sites are located. To be granted this permission, the researchers must present to the respective regional and/or district authorities, the local IRB approval obtained from the NatHREC and a letter of support letter obtained from the President’s office – regional administration and local government (PO-RALG). CSK will assist you with all the processes for obtaining permissions to conduct research in the respective regional and district authorities.
Regional IRBs
Some regions like Mbeya and Mwanza requires the research protocol be approved by their own research and ethics committee. CSK will assist you to inquire/check whether a regional IRB is applicable in the regions that you plan to conduct your work, and if applicable, we will assist you with all the application processes.
​Sites Selection
We will use our wide knowledge of the Tanzanian context and our long experience working in the health system in the various regions of Tanzania to advise you regarding the best sites to implement your research project. We will also organize for additional input from relevant stakeholders to ensure that information is collected in the most appropriate sites.