CSK offers support in design of research projects and program monitoring and evaluation activities. The support our team have provided to our clients under this services item to date have included: -
  • Input to the establishment of key evidence gaps through literature/desk review & consultation with key stakeholders.
  • Input to research design, potential respondents and data collection methods.
  • Input to the study instruments, including formulating/refining study tools and tools pre-testing. 
  • Advising on study sites, and
  • Linking our clients with potential local collaborators.
Through working with various reputable research institutions worldwide, CSK staff have gained strong skills and experience in utilizing various research methods. Coupled with our wide knowledge of the Tanzanian context, including the Tanzanian health care system, we have managed to offer our clients with key inputs to their concept ideas and strengthen their research plans with excellent results.  

Examples of past assignments on project design and development.

​Population Council, Washington DC

March to December 2019.

Senior Consultants at CSK were part of the team that designed the mid-term performance evaluation of the large (flagship) USAID-funded SBCC (Tulonge Afya) project that is being implemented by Family Health International (FHI360) all over Tanzania, with a main focus in 19 regions. Specifically, senior consultants at CSK worked closely with senior researchers from the population council in designing the evaluation and we were as well part of drafting and piloting the evaluation instruments.

Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU)

February 2018

CSK led the site identification for implementation of the star house trial (SHT) in Tanzania. This is an ongoing trial led by CSK in Tanzania, that aims at assessing the impact of Improving African houses by incorporating building concepts used in hot, humid regions of South East Asia to reduce the risk for a range of diseases such as malaria, enteric diseases and respiratory tract infections. Through a systematic review of available evidence in Tanzania and visiting of a few sites, CSK advised on the appropriate site for implementation of this trial in Tanzania (the trial is ongoing in Mtwara region of Tanzania). Since then, CSK has as well led the design of the various research activities that are being implemented as part of this ongoing trial, including the participants eligibility survey, and baseline survey.

SCOPE (Previously M4ID), Finland

February 2018

CSK supported SCOPE (previously M4ID) in selecting sites as well as in identifying local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to partner with in the implementation of its research activity titled “Core – A Holistic Perspective to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Well-being”. CSK as well supported all logistics related to the implementation of this research activity that was implemented in Tanzania in three phases between 2018 and 2019.

Dexis consulting group, Washington DC.

May to Oct 2017

A consultant based at CSK offered technical input to the design of the end-line evaluation of the USAID-funded RESPOND Tanzania Project (RTP) that was implemented by EngenderHealth from 2012-2017. CSK consultant’s input to this evaluation was in particular on the Tanzanian health systems in the areas of family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH). The consultant as well provided inputs to the evaluation methods and tools, and participated in the planning of field visits, including selection of sites to be visited based on various factors as identified through a desk review of key program data and relevant government documents.

WaterAid, Tanzania.

Dec 2015 – Feb 2016

CSK was contracted by WaterAid, Tanzania, to support the development of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) toolkit. Activities under this assignment included providing technical input to the design of the WASH toolkit, including drafting of the data collection tools (part of the toolkit) to be used in assessing WASH conditions in different locations. CSK as well led a stakeholders’ workshop to review the WASH toolkit and supported a situation analysis of WASH in hospitals, schools, household, public places, and utilities in Babati district using the developed toolkit. Data collection tools under the WASH toolkit included, school survey, hospital survey, observational checklists, and KII and FGD guides.

Department for International Development (UK) (DFID), Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Sep 2015, Oct 2014 & Sep 2014

A consultant based as CSK was part of Technical Review Panel twice (Sep 2014 & Sep 2015) for Funding Applications Under Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF); which is a five-year, £ 30 million UK Government supported challenge fund to create social impact in education, health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) across Tanzania. Her main role under this assignment was to provide rigorous technical assessment and scoring of concept notes submitted to HDIF for funding. In one of the rounds (Oct 2014), she also provided technical support to shortlisted applicants to develop their innovations to a full business plan in line with HDIF requirements for submission to round 2 evaluations.

Jhpiego, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Jan - Jun 2014

A consultant based at CSK was contracted to support development of the study protocol, including data collection tools for a mixed methods study “HIV sexual partner tracing for Voluntary Counseling and Testing” in Njombe region, Tanzania.  Specific activities under this assignment included, conducting a literature review of similar studies in Sub-Saharan Africa, drafting of all sections of the protocol, drafting of both the quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and providing input to the sample size.