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Lulu Kupaza


Lulu holds a masters’ degree in monitoring and evaluation and has more than 6 years working as a researcher. Lulu is skilled and highly experienced in supporting all activities under quantitative studies, including development of survey forms (including of electronic forms), conducting/supervising electronic data collection activities, conducting real-time quantitative data quality monitoring, quantitative data cleaning, and analyzing quantitative data by using the SPSS program. Lulu is also skilled and experienced in developing program monitoring tools, including selection of key program performance indicators and tools for tracking them.

Lulu joined CSK in 2019 and is currently serving as a research consultant. Prior joining CSK, Lulu has workec with Indepth Ltd, Illionois University, Layola Marymount University and The Girls Foundation Tanzania (TGFT).
In spare time, Lulu enjoys reading books (one of her favorites - Atomic habits by James Clear), Swimming, Jogging, writing poems and painting.

Lulu Kupaza
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