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Kasmiri Massion

Junior Consultant

Kasmiri holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management, and he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health. He has over 4 years of experience supporting different research activities in Tanzania, both qualitative and quantitative activities. His skills set includes development of qualitative interview guides, conducting qualitative interviews and transcription and translation of data materials. He is also highly competent in the electronic collection of quantitative data i.e. using a tablet, as well as quantitative data analysis using SPSS program. A few other areas where Kasmiri is skilled at include presenting research findings, field supervision and coordination, and recruiting and training research assistants.

Kasmiri joined CSK Research Solutions in 2021 and is presently serving as a junior consultant. Before joining with CSK he had worked with a number of other organizations including E-link Environmental Consult, Institute for Environment and Development Sustainability, IRDP, Ifakara Health Institute, and Help2kids.

In his spare time Kasmiri enjoys singing choir in the church, reading books and newspapers and swimming.

Kasmiri Massion
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