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Irene Mapunda

Junior Consultant & Assistant Trainer

Irene holds an Advanced Diploma is Accountancy from the Institute of Finance Management in Tanzania, and she has over 4 years’ worth of experience supporting both qualitative and quantitative research activities, particularly in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV/AIDS, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (MNCAH), Malaria, Education and Conservation. In her time as a research associate, she has taken part in the implementation of various studies in the country, supported several evaluations of large donor-funded programs in Tanzania and she is experienced in implementing some visionary evaluation techniques such as Human Centered Design (HCD).

Irene’s other skills and experiences in research related activities also comprises of field supervision and coordination, field team management, and the training of data collectors. She is highly competent when it comes to data management i.e. data collection, transcription and translation of data materials, data coding and data analysis, and she is well versed in using data management software such as Atlas Ti and

Irene is currently working as a research associate for CSK Research Solutions and she is also an assistant trainer under Cremes International.

In her spare time, Irene loves listening to her audiobooks, watching movies and catching up with friends.

Irene Mapunda
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