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Gallus Mzuyu

Junior Consultant

Gallus holds Master’s degree in Statistics, and he has over 3 years of experience supporting both qualitative and quantitative research activities in Tanzania. His skills in research related activities span from coding of qualitative data materials together with transcription and translation, to quantitative data collection using a tablet, developing survey forms as well as developing electronic data collection forms by using KoboCollect, real time data quality monitoring and cleaning of quantitative data, and last but not least involves quantitative data analysis by using the SPSS program. Apart from this, Gallus is also quite knowledgeable in the area of field supervision and coordination.

Gallus began working with CSK Research Solutions in 2020, and he is at present serving in the role of a junior consultant. Prior to joining CSK, he had also supported research activities under a number of other organizations including Marie Stopes - Tanzania, National Bureau of Statistics, Endeleza Umoja Foundation, and Restplan Consult Tanzania.

When he is not working on his career, Gallus enjoys spending his time reading books, listening to music and volunteering or being involved in community activities whenever he can. He is also an avid sports enthusiast.

Gallus Mzuyu
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