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Astrid Gumbu

Junior Consultant

Astrid holds a bachelor’s degree in Education Psychology, and she has over 4 years of experience in the field of research conducting both qualitative and quantitative research activities in Tanzania. She is highly skilled and has vast experience in conducting qualitative interviews, the coding of qualitative data materials, together with transcription and translation. Astrid is also highly competent when it comes to the electronic collection of quantitative data, particularly by using a tablet, and she is just as competent in the presentation of research findings.

Astrid became a part of CSK Research Solutions in 2019, and she is presently serving as a research assistant. Before joining with the CSK team, she had previous experience working with various organizations supporting a variety of research activities, these include Family Health International 360, Damax Research solution, Howard University (FHI360)

In her spare time Astrid likes to watch various documentaries that interest her, and she also enjoys participating in online trainings, for example Yali Network In.

Astrid Gumbu
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