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Adela Naali

Junior Consultant

Adela Naali holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT). She has over 6 years of experience supporting both qualitative and quantitative research activities in Tanzania. Adela is skilled and significant experience in developing qualitative interview guides, conducting qualitative interviews, and transcribing and translating qualitative data materials. Also, Adela has significant experience in supporting electronic quantitative data collection activities (e.g., using a tablet), conducting real-time quantitative data monitoring, conducting data cleaning, and analyzing quantitative data using SPSS software. Her other research experiences entail, report writing and presentation of research findings.

Adela joined CSK Research Solutions in 2020, and she is currently serving as a junior consultant. Before joining CSK, Adela has supported various research activities under other organizations, including FHI360, Girl Effect Tanzania, AVSI Uganda, RTI, NTDCP, Femina Hip, and TCDC.

When not supporting research activities, Adela is doing one or more of the following: reading a book. citing info online, learning a new food recipe, connecting with people on social media, or exercising.

Adela Naali
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