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Dativamary P. Mushi

Research Assistant

Dativamary holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Protection, and has 6 years’ worth of experience doing research related work supporting both qualitative and quantitative activities. She possesses vast experience conducting qualitative interviews and coding qualitative data materials. Also, Dativamary is highly skilled in the transcription and translation of data materials. Moreover, she is highly competent in collecting quantitative data electronically i.e. using a tablet, as well as the cleaning of quantitative data.

Dativamary joined CSK in 2019, and is currently serving as a research assistant. Before joining the CSK team, she also supported research activities with a number of other organizations and individuals, such as PHD students from the University of Uppsala Sweden, EDED Consultant Company LTD and Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA).

During her leisure time, Dativamary entertains herself by playing the piano.

Dativamary P. Mushi
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